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The Primary focus is producing entertaining, exciting and safe medieval style jousting tournaments.

We also offer a variety of related services and products.

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A third generation rider, James was born into a family of trick riders.

His early riding career, which included somersaulting from the back of one galloping horse to another, slowly gave way to entertaining audiences with jousting. His choreographed jousting shows broadened into presenting medieval style jousting tournaments once he wrote the American Jousting Alliance Book of Rules and Guidelines.

James now turns his lifetime with horses and his 30 plus years of jousting experience into training people and horses in the sport, so that more can safely participate and even more can observe medieval jousting at its' finest.

American Jousting Alliance

Activities at American Jousting Alliance

A great time in Frazier Park is just minutes away at American Jousting Alliance. We have plenty of fun and exciting activities to keep you entertained, including the following and more:

Membership Information and Application Procedure


Whatever your primary interest is in our organization - whether as a jousting Knight, a skill-at-arms competitor, a performer, a member of the support group or perhaps a jousting fan or spectator - the American Jousting Alliance has something to offer. Sign up as a member of the Alliance today and become a part of this exciting sport as it continues to grow in popularity.

Membership has its privileges! Members receive:

The "American Jousting Alliance Book of Rules and Guidelines" attractively bound in an 8"10" booklet.

Certificate of Membership

Membership Card

A quarterly newsletter covering the current activities and upcoming events of the Alliance, as well as articles on horses, weaponry, training tips and jousting related medieval history

10% off any equipment purchased from the Alliance

10% off any training conducted by the Alliance

General Membership is $80 for the first year. Subsequent dues are $40 per year.

If you are interested in joining the Alliance, please fill out an application (94k PDF). In addition, you will need to read, sign and date the American Jousting Alliance Pledge (118k PDF).

Send both forms along with a check or money order to The American Jousting Alliance, 15568 Greenleaf Springs Road, Frazier Park, California 93225.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to seeing you at our future events! If you have any questions, call us at (661) 245-4000 or email redknight@jameszoppe.com.

Our mission for each and every day camp is for the children to have fun learning how to safely participate in various outdoor activities. We teach our young students that physical activity is exhilarating and essential for healthy lifestyles.



Our American Jousting Alliance Training School is based upon years of experience and application. There can be found no better training in this style of jousting anywhere else in the world! Some of the School's students have gone on to professional or semi-professional jousting careers. They come from all walks of life and every age group. They come from many parts of the country and the world including; Canada, New Zealand, Germany, England and Mexico. Many more of our students return to their regular lives with new memories of their experiences while training. Some take back pictures and video to display and show friends. On occasion two or more friends will attend a training camp together for the fun of it! They do enjoy each other's company and the good natured competitiveness. Our training methods and techniques have proven effective and safe. (As safe as jousting can be) over time. These methods and techniques evolved slowly over time. For this knowledge to have been gained, it has taken a great deal of time in the saddle, practical hands-on experience, trial and error, bumps and bruises and the burning drive to bring forth the best and safest jousting possible. Instructor James Zoppe invites oyu to come on out, have some fun and take the step from thinking about trying this to actually experiencing it. We have some very fine horses to ride and enjoy. All training is conducted with safety and respect among people and horses.

Jousting Equipment For Sale

The American Jousting Alliance supplies spears, lances and shields for the sport of jousting as well as to those who simply enjoy collecting finely crafted medieval weaponry. All equipment is specifically designed to be acceptable for use in Alliance sponsored events. The equipment listed on this page should only be used in contact sport by those properly trained in their use and safety.

Please Note: All current AJA members receive a 10% discount on all equipment purchases. Shipping costs will be added to the purchase, so final prices will be higher than what is shown here depending current postage rates shipping from California. All prices are subject to change without notice.


Throwing Spear - $95

The Throwing Spear is 6 to 7 feet in length with a sturdy steel spearhead (diamond or leaf design) mounted on a 1 1/4" to 1 5/16" diameter wooden shaft. An 8" to 10" grip is laced securely onto the handle at the balance point. Order now!


Ring Lance - $85

The Ring Lance (left, shown with the heavier Tournament Lance on right) is a 10' light lance with a 1 1/4" to 1 5/16" diameter wooden shaft and 12" hand grip placed 2 to 3 feet from the base. The lance gradually tapers from mid-shaft to a fine point at the wooden tip. Order now!


Tournament Lance - $130

The Tournament Lance is a heavy-duty combat lance measuring 10' from base to tip. It is built to last (although they dooccasionally break). The base is 2 7/8" in diameter tapering down to a 1 1/4" tip which is covered in a blunt metal cap to help prevent splintering. These lances are 100% hand carved and include a hand grip crafted into the shaft about 2 feet from the base. The graper (part which fits against the shoulder) is custom fit to the individual who will be using the lance. Order now!

Two Piece Tournament Two Piece Tournament

Two Piece Tournament Lance - $145

This lance assembles into a 10' Tournament Lance. The 5 foot base is made in the same fashion as the one piece Tournament Lance (above). The 5 foot tip is 1 1/4" to 1 5/16" in diameter with a blunt metal cap at the tip. The tip-shaft inserts into the base, and is tightly secured with three steel clamps (included, see photo below). These clamps should be covered with the Knight's colors or banner (not included) to maintain an authentic look. While stout, this lance is slightly lighter than the one piece lance. Two 5 foot tips will be included. Order now!

Tournament Jousting

Tournament Jousting Shield - $350

This shield is built to take a pouding and keep on protecting! Several layers of plywood are covered with cold rolled steel which is secured with steel rivets.A sturdy strap and hand grip are bolted onto the back of the shield. The back edge is leather trimmed to prevent minor cuts and scrapes (see photo below). The top and bottom of the back are padded to lessen impact on the helm or knees - should the shield get pushed into the Knight due to a less than accurate hit by an opponent.

The design and size of each shield will be customized to the future owner's preferences. Shield price may increase if an elaborate design is requested.

Horseback Riding Lessons

We offer horseback riding lessons to people of all ages. our training is customized to fit each student, depending upon previous riding experience or lack of it. We teach good basic riding skills. This includes learning how to balance properly, how to position your body for the maximum in horse control with the least amount of effort, and what I call "horse sociology", which is learning how to understand what the horse is thinking and why it is doing what it's doing so you can respond to it correctly.

For those who have more experience the training will include more advanced riding on more spirited horses.

Most riding lessons include a short ride on our trails so one can apply what one has learned and just relax a little.

Our lessons are generally between 1 & 1/2 hours on horseback.
For our younger students, who cannot ride that long, we adjust our time and price accordingly.

Riding Lesson $40

Guided Trail Rides

Ride through some of the most beautiful scenery in Southern California. Our trails are located in scenic Lockwood Valley. At an elevation of close to 5000 feet, the Los Padres National Forest, near Frazier Park, California, surrounds this valley.

This area offers a variety of terrain, from mountain streams, to sagebrush covered landscape, to rolling hills and foothills covered with pine and oak trees.

From the valley floor we'll ascend up to the surrounding ridges and hilltops where one can see the entire valley. There will be more than one breathtaking view to take in and enjoy along the way.

Our wildlife sightings have included valley and mountain quail, various other bird species including songbirds and raptors, bobcats, California Blacktail Deer, reptiles, squirrels and chipmunks. On these very trails we've tracked mountain lions and black bears.

These guided trail rides are at least one hour long on our gentle and experienced horses.

And speaking of horses, we have a variety of breeds and crossbreds to choose from. With good looks, personality and surefootedness, you couldn't ask for more to enhance your trail ride.


1-Hour Trail Ride: $40
Extended Trail Ride $50

Vista Picnic Ride $95

Vista Picnic Trail Ride & Meal

Experience a wonderful ride that winds through the meadows, forests and ridges. Toward the end of the ride you'll arrive on a beautiful plateau where your meal will be waiting.

You'll get off your horses and sit down at a table prepared especially for you. As you enjoy your meal and the natural scenery around you, your horses will be patiently munching on their own meal nearby.

After dining you'll get back on your horses for the last part of your ride, making your way back to American Jousting Alliance Training Headquarters.


For special occasion rides, birthday parties and group discounts, please call us at (661) 245-4000 or send an email to redknight@jameszoppe.com. Call and book your unforgettable Trail Ride Adventure!

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