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A third generation rider, James was born into a family of trick riders.

His early riding career, which included somersaulting from the back of one galloping horse to another, slowly gave way to entertaining audiences with jousting. His choreographed jousting shows broadened into presenting medieval style jousting tournaments once he wrote the American Jousting Alliance Book of Rules and Guidelines.

James now turns his lifetime with horses and his 30 plus years of jousting experience into training people and horses in the sport, so that more can safely participate and even more can observe medieval jousting at its' finest.

American Jousting Alliance

Activities at American Jousting Alliance

A great time in Frazier Park is just minutes away at Zoppeland, The second happiest place on earth. We have plenty of fun and exciting activities to keep you entertained, including the following and more:

Guided Trail Rides

Ride through some of the most beautiful scenery in Southern California. Our trails are located in scenic Lockwood Valley. At an elevation of close to 5000 feet, the Los Padres National Forest, near Frazier Park, California, surrounds this valley.

This area offers a variety of terrain, from mountain streams, to sagebrush covered landscape, to rolling hills and foothills covered with pine and oak trees.

From the valley floor we'll ascend up to the surrounding ridges and hilltops where one can see the entire valley. There will be more than one breathtaking view to take in and enjoy along the way.

Our wildlife sightings have included valley and mountain quail, various other bird species including songbirds and raptors, bobcats, California Blacktail Deer, reptiles, squirrels and chipmunks. On these very trails we've tracked mountain lions and black bears.

These guided trail rides are at least one hour long on our gentle and experienced horses.

And speaking of horses, we have a variety of breeds and crossbreds to choose from. With good looks, personality and surefootedness, you couldn't ask for more to enhance your trail ride.


1 hr ride $65
1 1/2 hr ride offered
2 hr/extended ride offered

Vista Couple's Ride $125

Vista Trail Ride and Refreshments


For special occasion rides, birthday parties and group discounts, please call us at (661) 245-4000. Call and book your unforgettable Trail Ride Adventure!

Horseback Riding Lessons

We offer horseback riding lessons to people of all ages. our training is customized to fit each student, depending upon previous riding experience or lack of it. We teach good basic riding skills. This includes learning how to balance properly, how to position your body for the maximum in horse control with the least amount of effort, and what I call "horse sociology", which is learning how to understand what the horse is thinking and why it is doing what it's doing so you can respond to it correctly.

For those who have more experience the training will include more advanced riding on more spirited horses.

Most riding lessons include a short ride on our trails so one can apply what one has learned and just relax a little.

Our lessons are generally between 1 & 1/2 hours on horseback.
For our younger students, who cannot ride that long, we adjust our time and price accordingly.

Riding Lesson $65

Check out these free downloadable flyers for more information

"Have Camp Will Travel"
We bring the activities to your children

"Youth Activities" flyer
Information for Day Camps and Field Trips

Zoppeland "The Second Happiest Place on Earth" flyer
The second happiest place on Earth

Youth Activities Table of Contents

  1. Introduction Letter
  2. Day Camp & Field Trip Options
  3. Goals, Objectives, and Mission
  4. List of Activities
  5. About the Activities and Descriptions
  6. Our Instructors
  7. Format
  8. Pricing
  9. Creative Financing
  10. Reference List
  11. Contact Information
  12. Other Programs

New “Youth Activities” Content

A. Introduction Letter


Thank you for your interest.

Our world is changing rapidly. Technology is making many aspects of our live easier and faster. This isn’t always a good thing.
Today’s Young People should have the opportunity to balance their lives. They deserve to be exposed to real physical activities and skills. Not just virtual activities.
The Programs we offer help develop, inspire and teach our young generation practical skills, rules of safety, hand-eye coordination, sportsmanship, teamwork, compassion and much more! And the entire time they are learning these valuable lessons, they’re having a great time!
We look forward to the opportunity to teach, inspire and have fun with your Young People of today.
Thank you for your time.

James Zoppe

B. Day Camp and Field Trip Options

We offer two options for your Students or Group to have a great time and a positive learning experience! Our “Lockwood Valley Youth Camp” is located about 8 miles from Frazier Park, California. It’s a wonderful location adjacent to Los Padres National Forrest in beautiful Lockwood Valley. Our Clients and Guests are welcome to have lunch on site in our picnic area. There is also the option for us to come to you with our “Have Camp Will Travel” Program.

C. Goals, Objectives, Mission

Our goal is for all Participants to have fun, learn, stay safe and be inspired to stay active and continue what they’ve experienced!

D. List of Activities

  1. Archery
  2. Sword Play
  3. Braiding
  4. Western Roping
  5. Beginning Carpentry
  6. Sling Shot Marksmanship
  7. Knot Tying
  8. Spear Throwing
  9. Camping Beginner
  10. Tree Planting
  11. Mini Safety Riding
  12. Dirt Skiing
  13. Ten Pins
  14. Shield Quintain

E. About the Activities

Our Programs and Classes are designed with the outdoors in mind. However, most of these activities can be adapted to parking lots and gymnasiums.
These activities have been described in a rather straight forward and simple method. This does not capture the emotion and the manner in which they are carried out and received by our Students.
The sheer fun, excitement, trust, exhilaration, focus, concentration, sportsmanship, comradery and teamwork that these different activities bring out is truly amazing!


1. Archery

Students will be shown proper archery form, the mechanics of the bow and arrow, and safety measures. Next they will practice shooting arrows at targets, with Instructors assisting as necessary.After practice rounds the class usually engages in a friendly competition.
Measurable Outcomes and Benefits
Hand-eye coordination, confidence building, learning how to follow instructions, sportsmanship and learning how to follow all Rules of Safety

2. Sword Play (Wooden Swords)

Instructor(s) explains and demonstrates choregraphed broad swordtechniques. This includes telegraphing moves and pulling punches while at the same time making it look real. Students will then practice together demonstrating what they have just learned.
Measurable Outcomes and Benefits
Body control, self-defense, large motor skills with hand-eye coordination, trust building, rules of safety

3. Braiding- basic 3 plait braid

Students will learn and practice braiding 3 strings or cords. The two foot long braided rope that they make is theirs to show off and take home. As this is a common braid, some students help others.
Measurable Outcomes and Benefits
Learning how to use their hands and fingers to create, strengthens fine motor skills, fosters comradery, practical uses- pet leashes, belts, purse handles, crafts.

4. Western Roping

The class will be shown how to throw or toss a lariat rope around the “bull’s horns”. Then students circle the “bull” and as many as can, rope him and hold him tight. Instructor explains the purpose for this in pioneer times.
Students end up pulling the “bull” down so he can be “doctored”.
Measurable Outcomes and Benefits
Teamwork, hand-eye coordination, strengthening gross motor skills, future hobby or possible occupation in rodeos

5. Beginning Carpentry

The students will be introduced to hand tools used in basic carpentry: hammer, screw driver, hand saw, speed square and tape measure.
They will use these tools throughout the class, learn about safety, and possible make simple constructions.
Measurable Outcomes and Benefits
Introduction to possible occupation, rules of safety, practical purposes, self-reliance

6. Sling Shot Marksmanship

Kids are shown proper sling shot use and safety. After such time they take turns practicing and improving their aim at the shooting range. Targets are plastic and metal containers of various sizes.
After practice, the competition begins! Prizes are sometimes awarded for 1st,
Measurable Outcomes and Benefits
Rules of Safety, hand-eye coordination, sportsmanship

7. Knot Tying

A variety of cords and ropes are used to demonstrate and teach the typing of several simple knots and knot patterns.
Students also learn practical purposes and uses for the various knots.
Measurable Outcome and Benefits
Practical purposes, self-reliance, learning how to use their hands (fine motor skills)

8. Spear Throwing

Instructor explains and demonstrates proper spear throwing techniques and safety measures. Students then practice with their throwing spears and are corrected as needed.
This is another activity where a competition spices things up. The target is a hay bale with painted rings to allow for proper scoring.


Measurable Outcome and Benefits
Rules of Safety, sportsmanship, fund hobby, hand-body-eye coordination, strengthen gross motor skills

9. Camping Beginner

Main topics in this primitive camping class are:

  • How to make and sharpen a wooden stake
  • Proper and safe stake pounding or driving techniques
  • Rope and cord uses
  • Basic knots and knot tying

Measurable Outcome and Benefits
Self-reliance, rules of safety, practical knowledge

10. Tree planting

Students assist with planting one or more seedlings or small trees.
At the same time, the Instructor is conveying the rules and guidelines for tree planting and how to ensure maximum tree survival and protection.
Measurable Outcome and Benefits
Practical knowledge, conveys the important message that we are putting back instead of taking from our environment

11. Mini Safety Riding Course

NOTE: This class is only available at our Lockwood Valley Youth Camp unlessspecial arrangements are made.
Students gather around the ring and are briefed on horse safety, horse boy language and phycology, and are shown the correct method of mounting and dismounting. Two to three horses and riders (students) enter the ring at once. Each horse is accompanied by a Horse Handler.
Students learn about moving to keep their balance, Horse control, emergency dismount, and are given the opportunity to trot on horseback.
Measurable Outcome and Benefits
Positive introduction to horses, possible occupation, confidence building, rulesof safety

12. Dirt Skiing

Our two types of dirt skiing are:

  • Being pulled by a horse
  • Students pull each other in teams as a contest

Instructor demonstrates proper techniques and rules of safety.
The Dirt Ski Relay Race involves 2 teams. The object is for each of the team members to be pulled across the field until all have taken their turn. The team that gets this accomplished first wins!
We sometimes have a debriefing afterward to discuss what helped the winning team and what hindered the 2nd place team.
Measurable Outcome and Benefits
Teamwork, coordination and cooperation within the group, rules of safety, critical thinking, safety and protection of individuals, and communication

13. 10 Pins

This is one of our “Olympic events” that’s a lot like bowling. The Student, Team Member or Parent chooses the size rock that they want to throw at the wooden pins.
The object, of course, is to knock down as many as possible. We’ve added a bit of a twist as the pins have different numbers on them representing points.

14. Shield Quintain

An adaptation of the quintain the knights used for practice, it consists of an upright post and a horizontal wooden arm that has a shield on one end and a counterweight on the other. The arm pivots on the post.
The object is to run (on foot) at it with a wooden lance and hit the shield that will revolve around the upright post.

F. Our Instructors

Our Instructors have been selected and trained based on their attitude towards kids, their compassion, patience and understanding, their desire to pass on knowledge, their enthusiasm and heart.

They come from a variety of backgrounds, lifestyles, and ages. What all have in common is the passion to teach and introduce new concepts, ideas and experiences to our youth. The fundamental purpose is to help them sample different aspects of life and the real world, not just the virtual world.

Our greatest rewards are the awareness we help generate, the eyes we see sparkle, the smiles and the laughter, and the special memories we take with us and treasure.

G. Format

We tend to divide students into smaller groups of 10 to 20. However, a few of our activities, such as Sword Play and Dirt Ski Relay Races, can include an entire group of 30 to 40 kids.

Our classes normally run 30 minutes in length with Students rotating from one class to the next.

These 30 minute classes allow the Instructors to teach 3 to 4 classes in a 2 hours period or 5 to 6 classes in a 3 hour period. We choose to expose the Students to more and different subjects in a shorter time period rather than scheduling longer class times. Although for specific purposes, we will hold longer classes.

Should a group decide that they would like to spend the day with us, we also offer a picnic area with tables and chairs where they can enjoy their lunch in between either 3 or 4 hours of class sessions.

H. Pricing

A ball park figure is 25 $ per hour per STUDENT . Call for further Pricing information

Cell phone: 6615567909

Land Line: 6612454000

I. Creative Financing

We understand that all of us have budgets to work within and money is always a factor. This is why we are creating flyers which can be downloaded or copied on our web site for various purposes such as:

  • Students showing them to their Parents who can help share in the cost
  • Organizations or Corporate Executives who see the value in these Programs to either help with the cost or cover the cost
  • Corporations, Individuals or Organizations who wish to improve or build a positive image for commercial purposes, personal reasons or simply to do some good for the children in this world

J. Reference List

Camp Director: James Zoppe

15568 Greenleaf Springs Road, Frazier Park, CA. 93225

661-556-7909 cell phone/661-245-4000 landline

Stephanie Bishop

Frazier Park Boys & Girls Club


Chad Bradley

Bethel Christian Academy


Scott Gregory

Royal Family Kids Camp


Erlinda Martinez

Stockdale Boys & Girls Club


Matthew Nelson

Santa Clarita Boys & Girls Club


Sheri Van Patton

Inspire Charter Schools


Omar Zapada

Oxnard Boys & Girls Club

ext. 214: 805-815-4959

Cell Phone: 805-365-5219

K. Contact Information

James Zoppe

15568 Greenleaf Springs Rd. Frazier Park, California 93225

Landline: 661-245-4000

Cell Phone: 661-556-7909

L. Other Programs

Some of our other options include our “Mini Olympics” and our Team or “Family Olympics.” These formats are a lot of fun for several reasons.

They bring out the competitive spirit and add some spice to the activities. They also bring out the comradery and support of others amongst families and communities. We award simple “medals” painted gold and silver which we present at the conclusion of the competitions.

Our standard events are:

Shot Put
Sling Shot Marksmanship
Timed Foot Races
10 Pins

Mounted Archery


Can you imagine pulling back a bowstring, feeling it's strength, you try to steady an arrow as the Horse you're riding moves closer to the target. You loose the arrow and “thump” you hit the target! Success! Congratulations, you've just been introduced to the exciting and fun sport of mounted archery!

Here at “the second happiest place on earth” we enjoy seeing people exhilarated and even surprised at what they can do on a well trained Horse under the proper circumstances. We'll take you step by step from the ground to mounting up on a mature, practiced Horse. And give you the opportunity to test your resolve, concentration, and instinctive aim in the Hungarian style of Horse Archery!

It's a lot of fun and challenging as well! We may even have a mini tournament among Friends.


It's interesting that this modern version of mounted archery is all about fun, competition and tournaments. In ancient times it was the opposite of fun and games. It was a very effective means of conquering. The Hungarians (Huns), Magyars and Mongols were all people of lifelong horse archery culture.

They rode with great skill, short, stocky, wiry horses. Sometimes stampeding their many extra mounts straight into the enemy! Another effective technique they used was, en mass, galloping in a huge circle, and shooting a relentless volley of arrows at their enemies. The Great Wall of China was created initially to keep out the terrible enemy of the Chinese, the Huns. The most legendary of all horse archery warriors!


During our time together we will:

  • Warm up without Horses, starting with practice shots, and a fundamental review of correct archery form.
  • Engage in a mini safety riding course (no weaponry)
  • Begin on horseback with stationary practice shots and establishing proper form.
  • Practice shooting and loading arrows on the move.

We will engage in several variations:

  • Shooting in the ring, stationary target.
  • Shooting while traveling down the archery lane, stationary target.
  • Shooting in one of these patterns and possibly at a moving target.

Our Horses

The archery Horses are a variety of sizes and breeds. All are trained and skillful, they respond best to kindness and confidence. Our horses are controlled by a Trainer or Horse Handler on the ground unless the horsemanship skill of the Rider warrant otherwise.

Teaching Style

Our lessons and training are customized to every individual. Our goal is for each and every mounted archer to have fun. This can mean more basics and slower pace for some, as well as a more advanced and faster pace for others.

Safety is always first, although we must sometimes step out of our comfort zone to learn and find the spice in life.


Our classes normally run from 2-2.5 hours, depending on the number of people participating. With larger groups we sometimes divide the lesson into 2 sections. One lesson in the morning, a lunch break, and then work on more advanced Horse archery in the afternoon.

Students will have the choice of some friendly competition to finish off the day in good form.


We furnish bows, and arrows appropriate for this sport. Should you wish to bring your own equipment we suggest only traditional bows (no compound bows please) and longer heavier arrows.

Pricing and Contact Information

Price per person for this fun new learning experience: $150

As with all of our different classes we furnish everything necessary: bows, arrows, Horses, Crew, and Instructors.

James Zoppe

Cell: (661) 556-7909 Landline: (661) 245-4000

Email: jameszoppe@gmail.com

Address: 15568 Greenleaf Springs Rd., Frazier park, California, 93225

Horseback Skill-at-Arms

Ring Spearing - Shield Quintain - Spear throwing


Should you wish to try something new and different on horseback or just something new and different period, these activities are an exciting choice! Our medieval skill-at-arms games are really a fun way to have a wonderful time with Family or Friends or both! They are challenging, and require as much skill and hand eye coordination as you can acquire in this short period of time. And, have fun competing with your comrades after a little practice should you choose to do so.

You'll never forget this adventure!

It's really a great escape to come up to the mountains, where natural beauty and fresh air are everywhere. Not to mention (but I will anyway) friendly people, country stores and restaurants, and no traffic jams! And when you reach the “second happiest place on earth” the fun really starts! You will have a chance to get out, stretch your legs and look around at the beautiful surroundings. You'll meet good Horses, Horse Handlers, and the Crew you can put your trust in. It's a refreshing and friendly environment.


Getting Started

We'll begin with becoming familiar with some medieval weaponry while still on foot. These will include the light ring lance, the throwing spear, and the heavier tournament lance. Getting used to and even engaging in a little practice with these on the ground is a great way to ease into things. We realize that the safest and best way to teach something new and different is to keep it ground level initially.

After becoming acquainted with weaponry we'll spend a little time with our Horses. Our good Horses respond best by showing kindness and confidence. While in the ring you'll get familiar with your Horse and how to be safe up there. You will learn how to shift your weight to always maintain your balance and a few other important points.

Let the Games Begin!

These activities, as with all of our Horse related activities do not require you to control your Horse unless you are skilled enough to do so. Experienced Horse Handlers assist with Horse control. As the saying goes, “you just have to keep one leg on either side and your mind in the middle.”

You will be given the opportunity to learn and experience 3 different skill-at-arms: ring spearing, hitting the quintain, and spear throwing were done as practice exercises by medieval squires and knights. One was to improve accuracy and the other was to intensify hitting ability. Spear throwing was a means for a knights to go on the offensive in early medieval warfare, before the use of couching the lance. Read on for a brief description of each.

Ring Spearing

Riding at a trot toward a ring suspended from a wooden frame while holding a ring lance (a thinner lighter lance than used for jousting). The objective being to steady the end of the lance enough to “spear” the 3-4 inch ring and un-clip it from the ring quintain.


Shield Quintain Hitting

The Shield quintain is an apparatus that consists of an upright post, on top of which is a horizontal pole that spins. On one side is a mounted shield and on the other side hangs a counter weight.

As you ride at the shield you brace yourself, steady your lance under your armpit and hit or push the shield into rotation.

Spear Throwing

You ready your spear in your hand at the end of the jousting lane. When you're set, your Horse trots down the lane toward the target placed to the side of the lane. As you approach close enough, you aim and throw it at the target in an effort to get it in the bull's eye!



These medieval skill-at-arms are a lot of fun! When conducted under proper circumstances, included well trained Horses and Horse Handlers and experienced Trainers and Instructors. These activities are as safe as anything of this nature a can be. They are challenging, thrilling, and allow you to test yourself a little bit. When you drive away from this place and remember some of those special moments you can say to yourself with pride and confidence, “Yeah, I did that!”

What to Wear

Since you'll be riding Horses jeans and boots or close toed shoes are recommended. During summer months: Hat's and sunscreen are a good idea to protect you from the sun.

Cooler weather: To stay comfortable its a real good idea to bring several layers of clothing to put on or remove as necessary.

If you like wearing gloves, leather is recommended.

Additional Information

Class time is normally from 2.5-3 hours, larger classes tend to run longer. As we customize all of our activities and classes to the wishes of our Clients we're happy to accommodate with a lunch break in between classes if desired. Or enjoy your refreshments before or after the Class in our picnic area.

Regarding lunch or any meal, you can bring your own or drive 6-7 miles and choose from a variety of good food and local hospitality. There are also many Bed and Breakfast choices in our area should you want to stay a while. We also offer primitive camping at our location in the surrounding National Forest.

We want you to have fun and thoroughly enjoy yourself and the beauty around you! We also want you to stay safe and perhaps, through this experience, learn something positive about your Family, your Friends, and Yourself.

Pricing and Contact Information

Price per person $145-$200

This includes: all equipment and weaponry, Horses, experienced Crew and Instructors.

James Zoppe

Cell: (661) 556-7909 Landline: (661) 245-4000

Email: jameszoppe@gmail.com

Address: 15568 Greenleaf Springs Rd., Frazier park, California, 93225

A Knight for a Day: Jousting Experience


If you are reading this you could be curious, or interested, or looking for a thrill, or all of the above. And that's a good thing! This sport of medieval style jousting in the manner that we have developed is a lot of fun and truly exhilarating!

Some of our participating groups have included: Super Bowl celebration, Friends, Bachelor Parties, and Techies from Silicon Valley. They all had a great time and walked away unscathed!

This program has taken a long time to develop in its current form, as a result of years of jousting, both from a theatrical and competitive background, you can have a wonderful time and experience the essence of jousting!


A Little Jousting History

The concept of holding onto and “couching” the spear (later becoming the lance) by the horse warriors largely came about in the early middle ages. William of Normandy, also known as William the Conqueror, instructed his men to hold their spears in such a way as to be effective but not thrown. This new technique he employed at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. As a result of this and his strategy he won and became the King of England.

As time passed, this new Battle technique evolved into war games, with 2 teams battling and fighting across the countryside. This developed into the sport of jousting and jousting tournaments.

The early style of this sport is known as medieval style jousting. The equipment used is the larger Norman style shield and a substantial lance. One piece helms were developed, as well as chain mail and leather armor that protected other parts of the body.


Medieval Style Jousting Today

The American Jousting Alliance has adopted this early style of jousting. This style has several advantages for those of us who wish to enjoy this sport:

  • You can move more freely without being encased in steel. The sheer weight of the shield absorbs impact rather than the body.
  • Sturdier lances allow for impact and then somewhat of a slide back release, acting as a shock absorber. This is what we call the impact and release technique.

When you put this all together with the proper safety measures it allows those of us who appreciate a good thrill the chance to engage in an exciting experience!


Program and Format

Experienced Horse Handlers control the Trained Horses.

Our Program has two parts, or classes. Depending on number of participants each class or session can range in time from 2-3 hours. The first part is our morning Skill-at-Arms games described in “Horseback Skill-at-Arms”. The advantage to this is that you get comfortable riding and handling weaponry. It's sort of practice before the afternoon jousting session.

A lunch break follows. Lunch is totally up to our Guests as to how they wish to enjoy this time. You can bring your own lunch or go to purchase food at our local restaurants.

After lunch the afternoon is dedicated to jousting, making and taking hits! This is a step by step process that involves safety training on the ground prior to any riding and making contact on the Horse.

The Alliance's approach to this part of the Program is not unlike the Knights of the Middle ages. It's all about respect, good sportsmanship, comradery, and trust. However, this experience is enjoyed in moderation. One cannot expect to go all out holding lance and shield at the same time, on a galloping horse in one day! But still, the feeling one gets when you either make a solid hit with a lance, or take one to the shield is pure adrenaline! You may never have felt anything like this before!

What to Wear and What to Bring

Jeans and boots or at least closed toed shoes are pretty standard. During cooler weather you'll already be wearing protective layers of clothing. In warmer weather, at least for the games, a hat or cap will keep the sin off your head. Sunscreen is also a good idea. Short sleeves are OK until it comes to jousting. For this it's time to put on a long sleeve shirt. Thin leather gloves when jousting are also important. Suede gloves are not recommended We furnish everything else.

Horse Power

As with all equestrian activities, Horses play a very important role in this sport. Our Horses are at their best when treated with kindness and respect. They actually appreciate it when you appreciate them. You need only to give a pat, some soft words, or a gentle touch on occasion to let them know they're acknowledge.

Trained Horses such as these should never be taken for granted. Ride them with good balance and confidence, whether you've ever ridden before or not.


Pricing and Contact Information

The American Jousting Alliance furnishes all necessary safety equipment, helms, weaponry, Horses, experienced Crew, Horse Handlers, and Instructors whose primary concern is your safety as well as seeing you having a great time!

Cash price per Person $300
(Full day Program)

James Zoppe

Cell: (661) 556-7909 Landline: (661) 245-4000

Email: jameszoppe@gmail.com

Address: 15568 Greenleaf Springs Rd., Frazier park, California, 93225


Our American Jousting Alliance Training School is based upon years of experience and application. There can be found no better training in this style of jousting anywhere else in the world! Some of the School's students have gone on to professional or semi-professional jousting careers. They come from all walks of life and every age group. They come from many parts of the country and the world including; Canada, New Zealand, Germany, England and Mexico. Many more of our students return to their regular lives with new memories of their experiences while training. Some take back pictures and video to display and show friends. On occasion two or more friends will attend a training camp together for the fun of it! They do enjoy each other's company and the good natured competitiveness. Our training methods and techniques have proven effective and safe. (As safe as jousting can be) over time. These methods and techniques evolved slowly over time. For this knowledge to have been gained, it has taken a great deal of time in the saddle, practical hands-on experience, trial and error, bumps and bruises and the burning drive to bring forth the best and safest jousting possible. Instructor James Zoppe invites oyu to come on out, have some fun and take the step from thinking about trying this to actually experiencing it. We have some very fine horses to ride and enjoy. All training is conducted with safety and respect among people and horses.

Jousting Equipment For Sale

The American Jousting Alliance supplies spears, lances and shields for the sport of jousting as well as to those who simply enjoy collecting finely crafted medieval weaponry. All equipment is specifically designed to be acceptable for use in Alliance sponsored events. The equipment listed on this page should only be used in contact sport by those properly trained in their use and safety.


Throwing Spear

The Throwing Spear is 6 to 7 feet in length with a sturdy steel spearhead (diamond or leaf design) mounted on a 1 1/4" to 1 5/16" diameter wooden shaft. An 8" to 10" grip is laced securely onto the handle at the balance point.


Ring Lance

The Ring Lance (left, shown with the heavier Tournament Lance on right) is a 10' light lance with a 1 1/4" to 1 5/16" diameter wooden shaft and 12" hand grip placed 2 to 3 feet from the base. The lance gradually tapers from mid-shaft to a fine point at the wooden tip.


Tournament Lance

The Tournament Lance is a heavy-duty combat lance measuring 10' from base to tip. It is built to last (although they dooccasionally break). The base is 2 7/8" in diameter tapering down to a 1 1/4" tip which is covered in a blunt metal cap to help prevent splintering. These lances are 100% hand carved and include a hand grip crafted into the shaft about 2 feet from the base. The graper (part which fits against the shoulder) is custom fit to the individual who will be using the lance.

Two Piece Tournament Two Piece Tournament

Two Piece Tournament Lance

This lance assembles into a 10' Tournament Lance. The 5 foot base is made in the same fashion as the one piece Tournament Lance (above). The 5 foot tip is 1 1/4" to 1 5/16" in diameter with a blunt metal cap at the tip. The tip-shaft inserts into the base, and is tightly secured with three steel clamps (included, see photo below). These clamps should be covered with the Knight's colors or banner (not included) to maintain an authentic look. While stout, this lance is slightly lighter than the one piece lance. Two 5 foot tips will be included.

Tournament Jousting

Tournament Jousting Shield

This shield is built to take a pounding and keep on protecting! Several layers of plywood are covered with cold rolled steel which is secured with steel rivets.A sturdy strap and hand grip are bolted onto the back of the shield. The back edge is leather trimmed to prevent minor cuts and scrapes (see photo below). The top and bottom of the back are padded to lessen impact on the helm or knees - should the shield get pushed into the Knight due to a less than accurate hit by an opponent.

The design and size of each shield will be customized to the future owner's preferences. Shield price may increase if an elaborate design is requested.

Call us at

661-245-4000, 661-556-7909

American Jousting Alliance is a full-featured activity center and party planning service provider for Frazier Park and the surrounding area.

We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

Work Hours

MON-SUN 10:00am-6:00pm

Contact Info


James Zoppee, 15568 Greenleaf Springs Rd
Frazier Park, California 93225

Land Line 661-245-4000

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